5 Things a Man Wants in a Woman

5 Things a Man Wants in a Woman

It's a woman's responsibility to make sure her man is happy. But how can she know what makes him happy if she doesn't even know what it is he wants? Let me clear up any confusion: men are very simple creatures. You don't need to be incredibly witty to make your man smile… you just need to give him what he wants.

So, what does your man want?

1. He Wants You to Make His Food

This may come as a surprise to women in Jaipur, or anywhere else, but men are simple creatures who don't need the culinary expertise of Gordon Ramsay just to survive! If you're wondering whether or not your cooking skills are good enough for your man, they probably are. If you're wondering if your man is going to complain about your cooking skills, he won't! In fact, men love nothing more than a woman who cooks for them. This lets a man know that you care enough to take the time and effort to cook him a meal… and a man loves nothing better than to be taken care of.

2. He Wants You to Call Him 'Daddy'

Call your man 'daddy' for a little kink in the bedroom. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to go out of your way to call him daddy… it just means that when he is being dominated in the bedroom, you should give him the respect he deserves. Men are very competitive by nature and want nothing more than to win their woman's love. If you make him feel like he is dominant over you sexually, then he will feel as though he has won your heart! Just make sure not to call him daddy outside of the bedroom! It might be weird.

3.  He Wants You to Pay for the Bill

Your man doesn't want you to do this all of the time, just a couple of times a month will be sufficient. If he knows that there are going to be several nights a week where her women in Jaipur is going to pay, then he is going to feel as though he owes you on those other nights. While your man might see paying for dinner as an investment… it's no more an investment than him trying his best to please you in bed so that you'll keep sleeping with him. So if he picks up the check once every few weeks, consider yourself lucky and go enjoy some 'favors' from your man!

Final Words:

Your man wants nothing more than to provide for you and be the dominate male of your relationship. He wants to know that he can take care of you and that you're not going to leave him for a richer, better-looking guy… so just let him!